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By Adreas Kirschkamp

Companies have to determine hazards and probabilities of environmental alterations with the intention to adapt to or very likely even to persuade them. Early caution which contains scaning and interpretation performs a huge position during this technique. while the conventional contingency strategy considers early caution as part of the organizational constitution, the prolonged contigency concept assumes the extra impact of an individual's character on early caution.

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Further on the influence of specific attitudes of managers on organizational design was studied. , characteristics that are relatively stable across time and situation. ” 236 They influence intentions and behavior itself. 237 This notion attitude comprises individual differences such as traits, beliefs and values.

162. Part B Understanding of Early Warning in Literature and Definition of Important Terms 21 comparable to the lifecycle of a product and is depicted in figure 8. In this figure a curve representing room for maneuver is added. It informs about the possibility for an organization to react to an issue. e. at the beginning of its life cycle. 130 If the trend progresses, it might be too late for any organizational reaction to this trend 131 or to influence and change it. 132 Room for Maneuver Attention Time Figure 8: Lifecycle of an Issue 133 The detection of such issues is the basis of strategic issue diagnosis and organizational sensemaking which will be presented in the following section.

ANSOFF calls them “after the fact responsiveness” 109 and “before the fact preparedness” 110 . The former is a type 106 107 108 109 110 See Hahn (1983), p. 3. Ansoff (1975), p. 22. See also Ansoff (1981), p. 234. See Ansoff (1975), p. 22. Ansoff (1976), p. 131. , p. 131. Part B Understanding of Early Warning in Literature and Definition of Important Terms 17 of crisis management which is necessary after a strategic surprise has occurred. Therefore, is not relevant to early warning. The latter, before the fact preparedness, focuses on the time before strategic surprises might occur and tries to find possibilities to avoid them.

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