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A Dictionary of latest American utilization КНИГИ ; ГУМАНИТАРНЫЕ НАУКИ Автор:Bergen Evans, Cornelia Evans Название: A Dictionary of up to date American utilization Издательство: Random HouseГод: 1957 Формат: pdf Размер: 7 Mb Язык: английскийWhen we converse or write we wish to be understood and revered. we wish to express our that means and we wish to do it in a manner that might command admiration. to complete those ends we needs to understand the meanings of phrases, their particular meanings and their connotations, implications and overtones, and we needs to know the way to mix phrases successfully into sentences.A dictionary might help us to appreciate the which means of a observe. however the simply approach to comprehend a observe absolutely is to work out it in use in as many contexts as attainable. which means an individual who desires to enhance his vocabulary needs to learn greatly and needs to ensure that he is aware what he reads... rapidshare zero 1 2 three four five

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The plural is animalcula. Animalcula is sometimes treated as a singular and given a new plural form animalculae. This won’t do. A singular animalcula with a regular plural animalculas would make good English. But when the word carries the learned ending ae it has to be condemned as bad Latin. annalist. See analyst. annoy. See aggravate. anomalous; irregular; defective. That which is anomalous deviates from the ordinary rule, type, or form. It is irregular and does not conform to fixed principles or established procedures.

On the other hand, if we say the three men had $30 among them, we are treating the three men as a group and leaving the possibility open that one man had $30 and the other two had nothing at all. Among cannot be followed by a subjective pronoun or any word or group of words that is obviously singular. However, it is sometimes followed by each other or one another where literary English requires themselves or ourselves, as in they agreed among each other. This is not at present acceptable in written English.

One refers to a book by its title and author and to a passage in it by the page. When one seeking employment gives a reference, he names a particular person from whom his prospective employer may obtain information about him. allure; lure; attract; invite; entice. Allure, like attract, has a neutral connotation. One may be allured or attracted to things harmful or beneficial (The thirst for glory has allured many a man to his death. The beauty of the day allured the ladies into the garden). To lure, however, to attract as by a falconer’s lure or decoy, has a suggestion of evil.

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