A Dictionary of Islamic Terms by Dr. Muhammad Ali Alkhuli PDF

By Dr. Muhammad Ali Alkhuli

Dictionary of Islamic phrases (English-Arabic/Arabic-English)

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L? b L k c . ) unbelieving woman 0 * sharp-edged arrow niche , Ii;k. ) S < -, ' &jyl bl -. & , angels $% station of Abraham ;+ik praised station loathed + & abhorrence of vices $I~J\ the Powerful $, :;&, +, o5 A, the Forwarder 5 3% salt and bitter *&, poor L& the Turner of k$ on-touch sale i~ +! 1 angel the rich the dominion &j\ rejecters of faith I. ion spG sinful deeds -, 4 h2u' r ; . 1 war booty 2 consecration clothing ? + Abraham's Station i3$ stance of Abraham undesirable stern and severe id.

I! ,, U ijy I + ~ j ij$ d~ Who Tear Out Chapter of Mankind misdeed Chapter of the News bad deed Chapter of the Star iniquity Chapter of Bees 1 Chapter of Women :, , Frowned" 3 4 OJY' 0,: 6$ Chapter of the Chapter of the Pen @I ij$ Chapter of the Moon 9 1ij$ Chapter of the +d,ij+ , , Overwhelming Event Chapter of the Forgiver \ Chapter of the Chapter of the Cave Chapter of Alkawthar 391 i Chapter of Luqman d d ' ij+ Chapter of the Night J$\ ij& Chapter of the Table jjjkl, ij+ j , , , ~chapter of the Originator ;ji ,, Pleading Woman Chapter of Muhammad ji ijh ad\ ij+ Opening 4 1 ij$ ;%,$I ;ji a*!

0 God. & the night of fasting Jy To Him belongs Praise. k . , T o modest veiled w the cut area A+' innovater of a heresy heresies Jyyl ,* &GG invented matters traditionist forbidden unlawful A% is muhrim i;c: i ! I 1 s intentionally A\:%+\j the Supreme >,\& arrogant the Possessor of Greatness the haughty pretender fighter persons involved in li'an Islamic society &&\ + G glorify reformer 5-G sinners Ljjd target tied animal % advisory council kj$\'& . &I : . -d . \ +&Jl J$ administrator of an endowment manager of a n endowment ,Jay * JL& 3 mustard seed Ld ;;iJl;r4a weight of an atom good 7 s L !

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