A Fashionable Indulgence by Charles, K J PDF

By Charles, K J

A primary booklet of the Society of gents sequence, a Regency m/m romance trilogy that includes radical politics, severe waistcoats, kink, conspiracy, category divide, occasional homicide and loads of gin. during this, younger radical Harry Vane is whisked out of poverty to be become a gentleman, with the reluctant relief of dandy Julius Norreys. yet issues don’t pass solely to plan...

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Far better late than hurried. Julius was already there, patting the nose of the nervous, high-stepping gray he had selected from Richard’s stables. The June sunshine brightened his pale blond hair to blinding gilt. He wore a frock coat, full-skirted as Harry’s was, but devoid of the accoutrements Harry had seen on riders in Hyde Park, the military-style frogging and braid that seemed to be the kick of fashion. The coat’s plain style seemed rather at odds with Julius’s elaborate elegance in every other sphere, but in Harry’s limited experience, Julius on horseback was a different man altogether.

I’d have thought five hundred—” “Fifteen hundred,” Mr. Norreys said, quite calmly, and Harry almost fell over. “Fifteen—” Gideon repeated, equally incredulous. “You said gentleman, dear sir, and we start from nothing. ” Mr. Norreys’s slim, elegant hands sketched shapes in the air. “A gentleman’s accoutrements. A full wardrobe. One cannot do it for less. Well, of course one could, but, really, a Vane could not. ” “I’m sure you’re right. ” “I’ll hire one,” Gideon said. ” Mr. Norreys gave Lord Richard a little nod, “Very well.

Brummell’s departure. Julius wondered, not for the first or the fiftieth time, what it would take to lure Richard’s valet into his own employ, and whether Richard would ever speak to him again if he achieved it. “Working in a political bookshop. ” Richard, usually an abstemious man, was on his third glass of brandy. ” Dominic Frey spoke from the fireside chair opposite Julius, eyes shut, face lined with tiredness. Silver was beginning to thread the black curls over his temples, and he lolled with the half-empty glass in his hand tilted at a careless angle.

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