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Across the centuries, the improvement and progress of mathematical techniques were strongly motivated via the desires of mechanics. Vector algebra used to be constructed to explain the equilibrium of strength structures and originated from Stevin's experiments (1548-1620). Vector research used to be then brought to review speed fields and strength fields. Classical dynamics required the differential calculus constructed via Newton (1687). however, the idea that of particle acceleration used to be the start line for introducing a dependent spacetime. on the spot pace concerned the set of particle positions in house. Vector algebra thought used to be now not adequate to match the various velocities of a particle during time. there has been a necessity to (parallel) shipping those velocities at a unmarried element sooner than any vector algebraic operation. the fitting mathematical constitution for this delivery was once the relationship. I The Euclidean connection derived from the metric tensor of the referential physique used to be the single connection utilized in mechanics for over centuries. Then, significant steps within the evolution of spacetime techniques have been made through Einstein in 1905 (special relativity) and 1915 (general relativity) by utilizing Riemannian connection. a bit later, nonrelativistic spacetime which include the most positive factors of basic relativity I It took approximately one and a part centuries for connection thought to be authorised as an self reliant conception in arithmetic. significant steps for the relationship idea are attributed to a chain of findings: Riemann 1854, Christoffel 1869, Ricci 1888, Levi-Civita 1917, WeyJ 1918, Cartan 1923, Eshermann 1950.

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Rigid body motion, Poisson's theorem. Let us consider rigid motion of a continuum S with a velocity field v(M, t). If a vector is embedded in the solid S, then 3A, B E S I u = AB. The time derivative gives du dt = dOB dOA dt - dt = VB - VA · Since S is a rigid body, we can write IIABII2 diiABII2 dt AB·AB=ABo·ABo 2AB·(VB-VA)=O. 30 2. Geometry and Kinematics Then 3 n I VB - VA = n (AB) . n is called the spin rate tensor of the rigid body. It is easily shown that the spin rate tensor n is a unifonn field on the rigid body.

1. The integral invariance must take into account the occurrence of internal slip surfaces in a continuum with singularity. The existence of internal surface discontinuity does not permit us to neglect the torsion tensor (or accordingly the Lie-Jacobi brackets [163]). , [153]. Such an invariance allows us to write: r pewo = J",(B) r pewo JB dB -(pewo) dt = O. Second, consider the causes of the changes of this physical quantity. Conservation laws for continuum thermomechanics are usually written in an integral form requiring the integration of scalar and vector fields on a manifold.

W )] dt ~[A(drp*wl, ... 67): Then, when distributing the time derivative, the right-hand side tenn becomes dB d A I q -(rp)(w, .. ,w) dt q + drpA (dB I diw, ... , w q) dA) (w, I drp ( dt ... , w ) + ... + drpA ( wI, ... , ~: w q ) . If the l-fonns w k are embedded fonns in the continuum B, then their derivatives with respect to B vanish. Therefore, we obtain dB (drpA)(w 1, ... ,wq ) -_ drp dt (~) I A (w, dt .. , w q ). , [130]. Indeed, it was implicitly used in classical theories of nonlinear elasticity.

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