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R. Howard Bloch, Frances Ferguson's Misogyny, Misandry and Misanthropy PDF

Those essays, initially comprising a topic of Representations, discover the relation among gender, eroticism, and violence via shut research of a number either excessive and renowned cultural varieties, from R. Howard Bloch on medieval theology to Carol Clover on modern slasher movies. Does misogyny vary from misandry?

New PDF release: James Merrill and W.H. Auden: Homosexuality and Poetic

James Merrill and W. H. Auden bargains a considerable research of the literary and private dating among significant twentieth-century poets. As Gwiazda argues, Auden's prominence within the post-World battle II American poetry scene as a gay poet and critic makes his impression on Merrill fairly noteworthy.

Download e-book for iPad: Rarity and the Poetic: The Gesture of Small Flowers by Harold Schweizer

Rarity is a top quality during which issues plants, leaves, mild, sound fleetingly look and disappear, leaving of their wake a resonance of whatever we simply idea we had glimpsed. all the 9 chapters during this booklet pursues such intimations of rarity in poetic rules, photos, and silences.

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And being book smart, she was then thought to be lacking other, more critical skills required of the children of workers who tended the land of others. Anzaldúa embraced the restrictions placed on her ability to be both intellectually and physically to free herself from labor in the fields. She reports that she intentionally appeared “absentminded, forgetful” when she worked in the fields, confessing that “it was all a mask” (Interviews/Entrevistas 84). A mask constructed to position and protect her body during labor in the cotton fields.

She has given me the practice and courage to trust that I can speak from a place that is honest. —It’s liberating to combine fantasy and theory. This was one of the best classes I ever took. —Gloria confirmed where I want to be as a teacher. I’m not about structure, either; it’s confirmed my desire to allow in other voices. —Gloria taught me that her seemingly smooth blend of autohistoria and theory was, in fact, an intellectual labor of crushing complexity. Her deep regard for the human spirit, in all its manifestations, and recognition of life experience as part of that spirit, brought me closer to acceptance of myself and my work.

See your life as though a movie you are watching. See yourself as a character in it. ” The next step of the process is to summarize our lives, running over the different periods until we can divide them into sections of four or five areas, like major divisions of a book. Then we pinpoint specific incidents, internal or otherwise, and list them under each section. We identify the turning points. Continue fleshing out, fleshing out. Choose one of the early events, project it on the screen, and note people, things, sensual perceptions, emotions, intuitive reactions.

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