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(i) is proved similarly. It is worth mentioning at this point De Masi's result ((3]) that translation invariant DLR measures for the spin systems considered here are tempered.

I) They satisfy the We~l relation W(f)W(g) = exp{-i Im}W(f+g)(f,g ~L2[O,=)). 2) Introducing the mutually adjoint annihilation and creation o_onerators a(f), a+(f) by means of their actions on exponential vectors a(f)@(g) = @(g) a*(f)@(g) = d ~ ( g + t f ) t=O and noticing that a*(f) - a(f) is essentially skew-self-adjoint, we may write W(f) =--mxp{a*(f)-a(f)}, quantum Brownian motion [1,5,6] is the family of operators At : A t% a(X[O,t])' = The duality transformation (A t , A~, t ~ 0) a%(X[O,t]) [8] is a Hilbert space isomorphism, which we may use to identify the two spaces from H onto the Hilbert space L2(w), where w is Wiener measure, under conjugation by which the self-adjoint operators Qt = At + Aft' t -> O become multiplications by the canonical realisation X t, t z 0 of Brownian motion.

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