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By Rebecca N. Agheysi

Edo, often known as Bini, is the language spoken by way of a few million humans in and round Benin urban in Nigeria. it's the lanuage of the previous Benin country, well-known for its artwork.

There exist Edo-English dictionaries: this ebook and

* Melzian, Hans - A Concise Dictionary of the Bini Language of Southern Nigeria, 1937.

Other usefull books in LG for the coed of the Edo language are:

* Osayomwanbo Osemwegie Ero - Egirama Edo Nogbae (Intensive Edo Grammar), 2003
* Egharevba, Jacob - Itan Edagbon Mwen, 1972
* Ebohon, Osemwegie - Agbon-izeloghomwan Kevbe Ehengbuda, 1974

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Looking back &c. ; retrospective, retroactive; archaeological &c. n. Adv. formerly; of old, of yore; erst, whilom, erewhile, time was, ago, over; in the olden time &c.

100} Unity. -- N. unity; oneness &c. ; individuality; solitude &c. (seclusion) 893; isolation &c. (disjunction) 44; unification &c. 48. one, unit, ace; individual; none else, no other. V. be one, be alone &c. ; dine with Duke Humphrey. isolate &c. (disjoin) 44. render one; unite &c. (join) 43, (combine) 48. Adj. one, sole, single, solitary, unitary; individual, apart, alone; kithless. unaccompanied, unattended; solus, single-handed; singular, odd, unique, unrepeated, azygous, first and last; isolated &c.

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