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His hand skimmed down her forearm to the bones of her wrist and hand. Limp with shock, she didn’t protest as he leaned across her to thank the audience. Nor did she resist when he ushered her from the stage, steering her toward the shadowed sidelines while a thunderous swell of applause shredded what was left of her nerves. By the time the applause died down, he’d backed her into a corner shared only by a quartet of decorated trees. He caught her other hand before she could withdraw, his eyes trapping hers with the same unrelenting command.

How many pain-filled days and wretched nights had those memories been her only solace? She knotted her hands in her lap. “It’s been abandoned for years, you know,” she told him, braving his censure as she maintained eye contact. ” “But surely you remember that the wildness of it was my favorite part,” he said in a low voice filled with promise. With danger. His long, narrow feet inched toward hers as he relaxed back against the edge of her father’s desk and crossed his arms over his wide chest.

Cate flushed, the need to escape clamoring hard against her chest. ” She staggered back an additional step, colliding with another couple. After making her embarrassed apologies, she turned to Ethan. “I can’t thank you enough. Really. ” He tracked her withdrawal. ” Her steps stalled while her hand fluttered up to her throat. ” Wild panic pulsed beneath the surface of her skin. “But I don’t have it here. ” He checked his watch. ” She couldn’t take him to her Long Island home. She couldn’t bear it.

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