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By Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

In 1980 on the Monte Faito retreat Chögyal Namkhai Norbu transmitted an entire and step by step process for coming into the perform of contemplation in accordance with the Dzogchen teaching.

Scanned and switched over via Yuchen Namkhai as a present of affection to the realm.

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In this way the accumulatio n of any of the six passions p roduces the corresponding karmic vision. 63 Part three In this regard there is the parable about members of the six lokas meeting near a great river. The representative of the gods sees the river as nectar because, being born a god due to its karma it has the type of perception typical of the gods. The human sees the water as something for quenching thirst and for washing. A fish sees the river water as a home, its existential dimension.

We have said that the level of practice of Chogzhag starts the moment when a practitioner is able to be in the specific state ofNamkha Arted. This means already having released Shine, and, before releasing it, already to have stable Shine: there is no contradiction. GYATSO CHOGZHAG The second Chogzhag is called Gyatso Chogzhag, 'Chogzhag like the sea'; however in this case the sea is not a metaphor for the calm state, as in the case when speaking of Shine. Many intellectuals who study Dzogchen interpret it that way, literally; however the real meaning of gyatso is 'ocean', and in Dzogchen the 61 Part three ocean is a symbol that denotes the eyes and has nothing to do with the calm state of nepa!

Thus the practice of contemplation perfectly produces both accumulations. 30 52 na m mkha ' a r gtad. -�k�in� ----- The place. You should stay in a place out in the open, such as the top of a hill or mountain, or by the sea31• The time. The ideal time is when the sky is clear. Clouds are an obstacle to this practice; however nor should the sunlight be too strong. During the morning session you should look to the West, in the afternoon to the East, so as always to have the sun behind you. The best times of the day are the late afternoon, or early morning until about eleven o'clock, because later if the sky is clear the sun is too high and the light too strong so it can irritate the eyes.

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